lets talk about school!

I like school sometime. The great thing about is that I get to see all of my friends . I like it when we all have the same class. I have great teacher’s that help me with my work. They make sure that I know what I am doing . The things I don’t like about school is the homework. I don’t like the school food it doesn’t taste good to me. The other thing I don’t like is that I have to read. I don’t like to reading it is not fun to me. I hope you injoy reading this.

my friends

My community is friends my friends are Abi,Bayley,Smarah,Gaby and Cody  they are really good friends I love them so much we do everything together if one of us is down all of us make them feel better but if we have nothing to do we will make something up and make it fun I love my friends so much if we lose each other we will always be there for each other if we go to diffrent school we can always get a hold of each other I am so glad to have friends in my life if I don´t have these people in my life I would not have a good life what so ever I hope u guys like this the end.

the love of sports

Basketball is life. I like to play at my school and at my house oh also at willimane. My friends come to we go againest eachother but if the net is not up i will go play basketball. But if my frineds are not avalible i will txt my guys friends and say can we hang out and play basketball and if they say ya mthen we will meet up somewhere and play.


Also volleyball is life. i use to be on a team and we were on a really high volleyball team i had alot of friends on there. we would play all the schools in springfeild it was really fun but hard and trying. But the thing i didnt really like about it it was that we couldnt keep our gerses but this is my sports life i hope u guys like it the end.